A new space



I’ve been thinking the last days about this blog, about the language I write this blog, specifically. As I told you a few months ago, I opened a tumblr for short notes, reserving history of the go for more elaborated posts. I’ve not change my mind about that.

I have worries about language. As you can easily deduce, English is not my mother tongue. I try hard to speak and write in English, and I can spend an hour writing a post like this one. But that is not the problem. The problem is that sometimes we, the academics from the south (as a friend of mine define us), desert our language. We think that we need to do that in order to create a space for our own in modern academy.

I thought exactly this way a year ago. But not anymore.

We need to recover our language for the public expression of our work. And this is not incompatible with writing in English too. We don’t need to choose. We can have both.

This is a political choice. To recover our language is just a first step to recover our place in our country. To not give up. To not surrender.

A new space is open for all you reading/thinking in spanish: Historia sobre la Marcha. Because a historian life is worth living both in English AND Spanish.


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