Follow the fellow, a multimedia art project.

This is a wonderful project. It points out some of the most important problems of the academic career: if mobility is a value (and I think it is), constant and precarious mobility is a problem.

follow the fellow


06 April / 02 May 2014

Murray Edwards College will be hosting an exciting new exhibition that celebrates the continuous flow of an unseen population in Cambridge – or any other town attracting international staff: the followers.

You’re Invited!
6pm in Murray Edwards College

Performance by Elke Papp at 7 p.m.

In 2010 Elke Papp and Genevieve Guetemme started a project called ‘Follow the follow’ in Cambridge. Anna-Maija Kesonen joined them in 2012 and this exhibition is now telling the stories of the followers, mostly women,who come with a partner and live there for a month, a year, five years… And go somewhere else for a month, a year, five years… With children raised as global nomads, from assignment to assignment, post-doc to post-doc or fellowship to fellowship, just floating along the valued professional mobility, in a continuously temporary exile.

This exhibition is a celebration in words, film and…

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