Dr. Laetitia H. Andrew-Bird (1861-1828)


“In a recent number of the Charity Organization Review Mrs. Laetitia H. Andrew-Bird, L.R.C.P.I., gives an interesting account of the life and work of a doctor in the East End of London, where she has practised for nearly a generation […]”

I’m looking for more information about Dr. Laetitia H. Andrew-Bird, born in Hemsworth, Yorkshire in 1861 and died in Hackney, London, in 1928. She married Henry “Harry” Bird in 1885 in Greenwich and was mother of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls)… She was one of the pioneers and we know nothing more about her… don’t you? Because if you do, I need your help 😉


3 thoughts on “Dr. Laetitia H. Andrew-Bird (1861-1828)

  1. Dr Laetitia Harvey Andrew Bird was my great grandmother. I have a drawing of her and some of her papers, and a book that she won as a prize for arithmetic at the Clergy Orphans’ School in St John’s Wood in 1876.

      1. She was born in 1861. Her father was the Rev Charles Andrew, who was Master of the Grammar School in Hemsworth, Yorkshire. Her mother was Mary Harvey, who came from Dorchester. Her father died when she was young and she moved to London with her mother and was educated at the Clergy Orphan School in Marylebone (St John’s Wood).

        Address in 1871 census – The Clergy Orphan School, Marylebone, London, Middlesex – Scholar
        Address in 1881 census – 33 Tyrwhitt Road, Deptford, Greenwich, London – Student of Medicine
        Address in 1891 census – 1 Lynton Terrace, Wightman Road, Hornsey, Middlesex – Physician
        Address in 1901 census – 40 De Beauvoir Road, Hackney, London – Physician
        Address in 1911 census – 97 Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London – Physician

        She qualified as a doctor (I think in Ireland). My father has some more papers about her medical career. It has always been known in the family that she was one of the first female doctors.

        She married Dr Henry (Harry) Bird in 1886

        They both practised medicine in the Hackney area. In the 1911 census they were living at 97 Farleigh Road, Stoke Newington with their 4 children including my Grandfather Henry Marcus Bird (born 1900).

        She died in 1928

        If you give me an email address I can send you a photo of her picture.


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