On books (there’s always a book)

If you think about that magic moment in which you decided “I’m going to be a historian”… you’ll probably remember nothing about.

That’s my case, at least. I can’t say  “I had thirteen and I decided to be a historian… Yes, I know, with twelve I wanted to be a baywatch, but that time was different. I was sure about became a historian (but not pretty sure about NOT being a baywatch: historian don’t work in the summer, I naïvely thought)…”.

No, I can’t say that. But I can talk you about books. When I was thirteen I was absolutely fascinated with the Lord of the Ring‘s cosmology: I was a neighborhood-wide well-known expert in the history of the Middle -earth. (That actually means that my neighbors said “Yes, he is the weird child that is always reading that weird books”, when I walked over my house).

And I can talk you about that heavily-illustrated books on the roman army (do you know they walked 36 km daily?) I borrowed from the Public Library of my town when I was around ten.

So yes, I’m a historian because I love to read. That is the main reason. Obviously, other things happened (I had a wonderful professor of latin in high-school; and a great professor of history of science at the university), but I love to read, and you can’t be a historian if you don’t love books. Water-clear, my friend.

Therefore, there is always a book. Like this one:


Prof. Ludmilla Jordanova has written a wonderful book on how we (historians) must deal  with materiality in a creative manner. Prof. Jordanova always remembers that the raison d’être of cultural history is the creation of meaning, and that is also at the heart of her approach to material history.

This is other wonderful book:

In this case, is a collection of postcards from the 1920’s and 30’s (aprox.) printed by pharmaceutical industry (I love that woman in the couch!).

Or this other one:

A fantastic history of how the hospital was integrated into the fabric of modern cities, of which they were a kind of mirror…

Great, wonderful books. All them in my wish list for next Christmas.

And from reading, to writing… I’m going to carry on with the Scrivener tutorial… I’ll tell you how it goes in a future post.

And remember, is always about a book.


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