Come back


Yesterday was a great day. Finally, after all the Ikea stuff and the move, I started to work… viva!

I was at Wellcome Trust Library (you know, home), and it was fantastic. I saw some familiar faces (historians of medicine are not a crowd, actually). I saw some familiar books. And it was great and I was happy, and I had ramen for lunch.

But the heyday of my first day of work was earlier in the morning. I was at QM, doing some paperwork, and had a coffee at one of Union’s Cafe, and I really realized how much I missed the university atmosphere… I worked at a research centre (that means no alumni) the last four years of my professional life, and it was fantastic. I met fantastic people (some of them are now friends), and I do lots of really interesting activities, but… there’s something about university, something special. Maybe young people reading books, or engaged in passionate conversations… I don’t know, but it’s great, and I really like it. It reminds me when I was a freshman…

But I noticed a big difference (more than one, actually: when I started my grade all we wore kurtcobain-style shirts and trousers… today grunge is out, thanks goodness): the smart-phone. All we have a smartphone. We talk each other with it at hand. Sometimes it becomes a pain in the ass, but sometimes it’s an active part of the conversation: look at this picture; look what that thingy said about me, or about the last football match, or whatever; or look at the guardian scoop…

Smartphones, tablets, and all the other smart-things (watches, glasses, fridges…) are changing our life. And my question is, are they changing also how do we do history? Even more, must they?

I’m a digital son and brother. So, shall I become a digital historian? I guess the right answer is: I haven’t got any more choice.

I’m still reading about it.

Have a nice weekend.

PS: reading more


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