Let’s start!


September. The end of summer. The winter is coming. And everything else…

September is a good month for me, as historian. My project about the (material) history of Care finally starts. It started, actually and officially, the last 1st of september.

And, what I’ve been doing, as historian, the last 17 days?

Ikea stuff.

Yes, I know. Historians don’t do that. They are always locked up at the library or the archive (the place they call “home“), reading old, weird and dusty books and documents. They don’t do Ikea “things”. They don’t know how it works. They don’t even know what the hell an allen key is!

Well, I know.

If you remember, I’m not only a traveling historian, but also a father of one. And the house I rented had a lot of things (a kettle, a piano, a fake fireplace), but not a kid’s room… so, after two visits to Ikea and a whole day of hard work… I did it!




I can’t present this as an “academic achievement”. There is not an “Ikea fitter” section in the grant mid-term report, but… he’s sleeping right now.

And yes, I’m a historian. And yes, historians actually do this kind of things too.

Damn it!


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